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Wall scantlings

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Window and Door scantlings
Window glued laminated lumber is an environmentally friendly material for the manufacture of high-quality wood windows. Window glued laminated lumber is stronger than usual solid timber, it is subjected to almost no distortion, and does not crack. It has good thermal-insulating properties. Glued laminated lumber does not deform at rapid change of temperature.  Window glued laminated lumber is a flat surface, uniform color and finish.

Our company produces window glued laminated lumber of different sections made of solid or glued finger joint stock pieces in full concordance with the recommendations of the German Institute of Window Technologies ift Rosenheim.

Клеевые соединения по DIN EN 204 соответствуют группе нагрузки D4.

Влажность древесины бруса 12±2%

  • Window and Door pine glued scantling

    The window glued pine scantling is one of the materials in great demand as of today. That is the guaranteed quality of the product at a relatively low price. The window glued pine scantling means ease of processing, excellent thermal insulating properties, and high sound-insulation properties.

    Basic sections of the pine scantlings:

    • 48х61/75/86/95/105/120
    • 63х75/86/95/105
    • 66х120
    • 67х64
    • 72х61/75/86/95/105/120
    • 80х69/110
    • 82х86/115
    • 99х61


  • Window and Door larch glued scantling

    The window glued larch scantling is a popular material in the window production industry in Russia and Europe.  The distinguishing characteristics of this wood make the products manufactured out of the glued larch scantling durable.  The glued larch scantling has a high resistance to adverse weather conditions, rotting, fungoid and mold growth, has a high degree of durability and reliability. Window products made of larch glued scantlings last longer, do not require additional treatment by septic substances. On top of that the window larch scantling has a beautiful texture capable to decorate any interior of a country house or a city apartment.

    Basic sections of the larch scantlings:

    • 48х63/75/86/95/105/115/125/145
    • 63х75/86/95/105/115/125/145
    • 72х63/75/86/95/105/115/125/145
    • 84х86/115
    • 96х63/75/86/95/105/115/125/145


  • Window and Door oak glued scantling

    The window glued oak scantling is the elite material for the production of modern wooden windows. The high technological properties are laid down in it by the nature itself: low thermal conductivity, incomparable strength, durability and resistance to frost.

    Oak is the known precious and expensive species, famous for its beautiful texture with a powerful distinguishing picture of fibers. Products made of oak for centuries are valued for their beauty, strength and durability. Their warmth and life energy cannot be overestimated. The unique texture and surface finish of the oak make the products made of this material elegant and noble elements of the interior. Oak is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, strength and endurance.

    Basic sections of the oak scantlings :

    • 63х75/86/125
    • 72х86
    • 84х86/115


Furniture panel

Furniture panel made of solid natural wood is the unbeatable, environmentally friendly material which is ideal for the manufacture of high quality furniture, wooden stairs, wall panels, doors, stairs, window sills, and the use in construction and finishing works. Wood is a natural material, which is present in our everyday life. For many centuries wood is widely used in construction and furniture making. Long service life, reliability, high aesthetic quality, warm, stylish and noble color are the main properties which are present in all wood products, including, of course, furniture and wooden furniture panels. That is why furniture made of glued panel can be seen in many European homes and offices.

Our company produces furniture panels of different sections made of solid or glued finger- jointed pieces of radial, semi radial, and tangential sawn cut

Adhesive bonding is according to DIN EN 204,  stress test D3,  if the modifying agent is used then stress test D4.

The panel wood moisture content is 8 ± 2%.

  • The pine furniture panel

    Pine furniture panel is an affordable alternative material for manufacturing high-quality furniture of natural wood, which meets all the necessary criteria and quality standards. Pine possesses good strength, a long service life and, thus, can be easily processed. The pine furniture panel allows to make the interior of the premises original, and at the same time practical.

     Basic sections of the pine furniture panel:

    • 18х600/650/1200
    • 24х500/650/860/1200
    • 30/600/1200
    • 32х600/1200
    • 40х520/600/650/1200
    • 42х395/500/600/650/1200
    • 45х600/1200


  • The larch furniture panel

    The larch furniture panel has rich texture and it is a durable material. The larch furniture panel is widely used for the production of not only expensive and exclusive furniture, but also for the manufacture of stairs, windowsills and other wooden products. This type of wood is characterized by the particular resistance to aggressive environment and durability.

    Basic sections of the larch furniture panel:

    • 18х300/400/500/600/1200
    • 20х400/500/600/1200
    • 30/600/1200
    • 40х300/400/500/600/650/1200


  • The oak furniture panel

    The oak furniture panel means a special and extremely elegant design, durability and reliability of future products. Even after many years of use the oak furniture panel retains its special attraction which unique to this type of wood. That is why the countertops and windowsills made of oak are in high demand. When decorating the home decor of any premises the products made of oak furniture panel will be an excellent addition creating special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Products made of oak fit perfectly into the luxurious interior and become its embellishment, emphasizing the taste and prosperity of the owner. Products made of oak are the solution for people who have reached high living standards.

    Basic sections of the oak furniture panel:

    • 20х300/400/600/650/1200
    • 30/600/625
    • 40х300/350/400/600/650/800/1000/1200
    • 42х300/600/650
    • 45х300/600/650


  • The ashwood furniture panel
    The ashwood furniture panel

    The ashwood furniture panel is a true exclusive feature which is able to transform your home into a sample of sophistication and a picture of beauty and comfort. Using the ashwood has a long history. From ancient times this wood has been attributed magical properties. Noble light shades of ashwood make it popular for creating original interiors. The ashwood board panels are used for finishing the ceilings, manufacturing the windowsills and wall panels. They are used to create elegant staircases and other complex parts of the interior, filling the room with aristocraticism. The exterior of the ashwood furniture panel makes it possible for the material to be used in any premises. The ashwood furniture panel is the extraordinary reliability, the finest texture, extraordinary natural shine and warm coloring.

    Basic sections of the ashwood furniture panels:

    • 40х600/650
  • The birch furniture panel
    The birch furniture panel

    The birch furniture panels mean strength, flexibility, and good machinability. Birch has earned its popularity thanks to the skillful combination of all the beneficial properties of the wood with beautiful decoration. Birch is the tree of life, tenderness and softness. Products made of birch give the interior a special atmosphere of warmth and tranquility, fill a person with living energy and natural force.

    Basic sections of the birth furniture panel:

    • 40х600/650

Wall scantlings

Pine and Siberian larch

Glued scantling is the most modern and perfect construction material made of wood as of today.  When installing, the scantlings due to their original cross section lie perfectly flat against each other, which eliminates the possibility of penetration of atmospheric precipitation into the joints.  The main benefits of the wall scantling are:  strength and durability, good thermal protection, excellent quality of the surfaces, which requires any additional treatment, manufacturability of assembly, lack of through cracking and shrinkage, high fire-resistance.

Wall scantling is manufactured of the glued finger- jointed pieces.

Adhesive bonding is according to DIN EN 204, stress test D4.

The scantling moisture content is 12+2%.

The length of the scantling is 6000 mm

Basic sections of the wall scantling :

  • 120х120
  • 80х120

Frame scantling

Pine and Siberian larch

Lesobalt company offers frame scantling made of pine and Siberian larch. Frame scantling is the ideal material for hardscaping.  Hardscaping is able to significantly change the appearance of your house and the household plot.  Mighty bath houses and cozy garden houses, picturesque sheds, decorative walls and fences, playgrounds, balustrades, terraces, pergolas, barbecues, vases, decorative wells, bridges – all of these structures made of glued frame scantling will give your house, villa or the garden its own unique style.

Frame scantling is manufactured of the glued finger-jointed pieces.

Adhesive bonding is according to DIN EN 204,  stress test D4.

The scantling moisture content is 12+2%.

The length of the scantling  is 6000 mm

Used species:


Siberian larch

Basic sections of the frame scantling :


Solid board, Decking, Wooden floor

Siberian larch

This wood species is perfect for the production of solid board. Larch is elastic, flexible, and durable, easily processed, has excellent rotting resistance, and repels excess moisture. The larch solid boards are the result of an effective combination of modern technology with a proven tradition of quality and durability. The solid board is indispensable for finishing of terraces, verandas, garden houses, saunas, bath houses, offices, cottages, villas, or laying floors. The larch solid boards are durable, easily processed, fit well into the interior, fill the house with warmth, and create an atmosphere of comfort.

Wood moisture content:

  • 18±2% – Decking (composite decking), Planken
  • 8-15% – Floor board

The length of the solid boards: min – 2700 mm, max – 6000 mm

  • Decking

    Siberian larch

    Decking (composite decking) is a perfect option for covering garden paths, verandas, garden houses and terraces. The main advantage of decking over the other types of coverage is a special corrugated surface, also called “antislip”, which guarantees safe walking. Walking on this coverage is pleasant, and even in the extremely rainy weather it is not slippery.

    Basic cross sections of the decking:

    • 19х90
    • 20х145
    • 21х90/140
    • 27х140/145
    • 45х70/145
  • Planken

    Siberian larch
    Planken (facade board) is a beautiful, durable facing material meeting the latest fashion trends. Planken gives the facades a unique, attractive, modern and stylish look. The basic material for the manufacture of planken is the Siberian larch, which is known for its resistance to weathering conditions, resistance to rotting, microorganisms and parasites. So basically planken is used for facing the facades of buildings, pavilions, terraces. Our company manufactures two main profiles of the planken: classic and angled.
    Basic sections of planken:
    1) Angled planken
    • 20х93
    • 28х68
    2) Classic planken
    • 28х120
    • 20х145
    • 21х145
    • 28х118
  • Wooden floor

    Siberian larch

    The Siberian larch flooring is the elite coating, which gives any interior the expressive and noble appearance. The larch floors mean naturalness and beauty. They are durable, wear-resistant, environmentally safe, provide sound insulation, have low thermal conductivity.  The larch wooden floor creates cozy and warm atmosphere in your home.

    Basic sections of the floorboard::

    • 21х65/105/110
    • 25х105

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